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    • Kiryu is a leader in the lumbrukinase market, has been producing, studying, and developing over 40 years.
    • Only choose highest active Lumbricus Rubellus (LR) to breed.
    • The international market gave its effort recognition, patented in 24 (countries).
    • Legendary feedback from a Japanese Member of Parliament.
    • The newest lumbrukinase displays strong efficacy and active enhancing 4.7times.
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    Latest Patents

  • • A worldwide ingredient patented in 93(countries).
    • Develop and study over 35 years, market-leading.
    • Sell for more than 10 years in Malaysia, earning recognition.

    Activated phytoinsulin PPK™

  • • The only patented ascorbic acid degradation flowchart, non-residual hydrochloric acid.
    • The average molecular weight 800Da, well enhanced metabolism.
    • With patents of efficacy and human clinical trial certified.

    Chitosan oligosaccharide : Treasure from Sea


    Patents of efficacy

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    • High SOD, break through heat tolerance of SOD, zesty for clod or warm tea.
    • Contain varieties of excellent ingredients.
    • 100% MIT quality certified.
    • Produced from sugar-free fermented.
    • 100% fermented from Taiwanese tea with probiotic.
    • Heat tolerance of SOD shows high active.
    • Outstanding for its highly active ingredients.